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Search Engine Optimization

We know what you want! Its basically the same as us! no really it is!

We have a load of clients who want us to shot them to the top of google and other search clients but this takes time (sorry). Clear Box will design your site with SEO in mind, this included naming pages, images, tags correctly plus we will offer you advice regarding domain names which many people make the first error at.

Drop us an email using our contact form to discuss what we can do for you and your business.

Don't forget to check out the google guides on the right, both the video and pdf are brilliant in explaining what SEO is all about!

Specific Phrases
List your Google rankings for specific phrases.
  1. Run Free Monitor for Google.
  2. Click the "Add URL" button. Note: if this is your first run, you should see a Welcome screen.
  3. Type the URL of your site. Hint: you may omit the http:// part of the URL. Click "OK".
  4. Click the "Keywords" button. Hint: usually it appears automatically once you typed your URL.
  5. Enter all keywords you are interested in one by one or import them from a text file. Click "OK".
  6. Click the "Search" button and wait until the process is over.

That's all! Now you can see the position of your site in Google by different keywords in the left part of the window and you can see all your competitors by the selected keyword in the right part of the window.

Note: by default, Free Monitor for Google checks only the first 10 results. If you need more, please open the Preferences window and increase that value.
What is

Search Engine Optimization is the process web designers use to help your site acheive better results in search engines such as google and bing.

A great video by Matt Cutts of Google
key words, snippets and titles

Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

As well as the video google has produced a fantastic PDF Guide which you can download by clicking the logo to the right, we really do recommend you reading this even if you want Clear Box to do the work as it will help you understand the workings of SEO.

Please note you need adobe reader to view the PDF, Click Here to download/ update.