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Web Design
We love producing websites that not only look great but the client loves and gets them the results they require.

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Below are some great features we can add to your site.

Email Accounts
Emails are a must for any business to run correctly in this day and age. You can have as many email accounts with any web site project build from us as you wish.

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Web Hosting
We offer a full range of Internet hosting services, from shared hosting accounts to complete dedicated server solutions. Prices start at £26.97 per year. Our hosting accounts boast many features that allow for the growth and success of your online venture.

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Web Site Extras
We have a number of site extras which we can add to your site. Here are just a few we can provide.

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Content Management Systems
With ClearBoxUpdate you take control of your site

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To be updated

Keep your clients upto date with what you have been upto

Image Galleries
Showcase projects/products or anything you want with your own gallery

Polls and Surveys
See what your visters views are

Flipping Books
show off brouchers or magazines with this great effect

Font Size increaser/decreaser
Best used for websites which may be view by the visually impaired

Client Logins
Restrict access on certain areas of your wsebsite.

Email Marketing
Newsletters serve vital functions that set them apart from other forms of marketing or advertising. eMail campaigns are a great way to keep in touch with your prospects and customers. However, "spam" email is becoming one of the most contentious issues on the Internet today. It is crucial that any email campaigns that you undertake are therefore legitimate, in order to maintain and enhance your organisations credibility as well as get your message across to the right people.

After care
After care is a very important issue to us. You can rest assured that should you have any issues, concerns or questions after the project is complete that we are only an email or phone call away. You can also take out a very cost effective maintenance package with us which will give you priority amends and changes when you request them.

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Glossary of
Web Terms
Haven’t got a clue about what we are talking about?
Don't know the difference between webspace and webservers then Click Here to see our glossary of web terms.

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