Glossary of
Web Terms

We have put together a little list of web terms to help you understand some web chat which we may use.

Domain Name
A domain name is your address on the web, for instance is our web address.

You are not restricted to just, you can choose from a number of suffix such as .com, .net, org.

Clear Box Web Design can arrange your domain registration and you recieve a FREE with every design, to see all avaiable siffix's and our prices please click here.

Web Hosting
Clear Box Hosting includes everything you need for you website, you are allocated webspace, email accounts free of charge for the first year.

To see our prices after the first year with us please click here.

We store your website in a "web space", this is measured in Megabytes and in some rare cases Gigabytes.

To see our hosting packages which include the amount of web space you will recieve click here.

Web server
Simply put a web server is a computer that stores all your files needed for a website which is permanently turned on and conected to the internet.

Our servers are called kate and Amy and you can see what their status is on our homepage, click here to see.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
A method of uploading your files from our development computers toHTML (Hypertext Markup Language) The programming language used for creating pages and controlling how those pages appear on the web.

This is all the information you will want/ have on your site including text, photographs, graphics, audio, video etc.

A term used for software that is in a "live" testing phase. You will be able to access the beta of your site but expect some hiccups.

It just means text. "I need some copy for that" means "I need the text that you want to go in that area."

Usability is similar to accessibility but differs in that it refers to ease of use for all visitors, not limited to disabled people.

For example, a site that requires lengthy registration to view content or that has navigation that is in different places on different pages may be considered to have bad usability.

Uniform Resource Locator - is one of those things like this:

A domain name is the first part of the example above:

A browser is a software application that is used to visit websites. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.

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Glossary of
Web Terms
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